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Specialised super silenced diesel generators are available with sound levels as low as 55dBa @ 7 metres ranging from 20kVA- 500kVA.

Synchronised Generator Hire

If the event power is critical, Power-Rite offer synchronised generators ranging from 100kVA-250kVA. Using this application will ensure there is no loss of power should a single generator fail to run. Both generators run simultaneously and share the power load required and if one of the generators fail the second generator will continue to run and take the full power requirement without disruption to the event.

Automatic Mains Failure Panels (AMF Panel)

The other alternative option is to hire 2no generators with an AMF panel. This is a cheaper option to the synchronised generators but does mean if the main running generator fails the AMF panel will instruct the stand-by generator to start. This occurs after an 8-10 second delay of the main generator stopping and then full power will be restored to the event.

Towable Generators

Power-Rite has an extensive range of towable generators ranging from 40kVA-100kVA, larger generators up to 250kVA are available but do require a HIAB wagon for the initial transport to site. Once off loaded and on private land these can be placed onto one of our off road trailers and towed into position wherever that may be. Having this ability means you can hold your event at a venue of your choice without any restrictions.

Event Distribution

We have an huge range of different distribution boards, various sizes and lengths of cables that will suit any requirements you may have.