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2014 – M62 Road Expansion Scheme for McCann

Due to where the generators needed to be sited, J McCann approached Power-Rite for a solution. Power-Rite offered the ‘Powerbox’ c/w a ‘Gentrax’ tracker system which monitors the fuel, oil and coolant levels of the generator and also acts as a tracker device. In total J McCann had 10no of these units placed on the M62 motorway between junctions 34 – 24, an invisible perimeter was placed around each of the Powerbox generators via satellite link and should anyone attempt to remove the generator an alarm is sent via text message and email directly to the client and Power-Rite who in turn can contact the Police.

“The Gentrax system is a great additional tool to have at our disposal as the generators were only running through the night to power lighting and road signs. Once we had been alerted to a generator stopping a member of staff could attend the generator location and attempt to restart the generator. If the problem could not be resolved, a single call to Power-Rite’s 24 hour operation and an engineer would be on their way to rectify the fault. I would certainly recommend Power-Rite as they have provided and excellent service throughout the 12 month contract” – Lee Smith, Contracts Manager