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We provide the full range of services you might require when hiring a generator, from specification right through to delivery, maintenance and fuel management.

Silenced Generator Hire

Our hire fleet ranges in size from 10kVA – 1250kVA. All our generators comply with the latest European Union Environmental Standards for exhaust emissions, fuel efficiency and noise pollution. Each undergo a rigourous and comprehensive safety and load test prior to dispatch to ensure they can deliver a reliable supply of electricity when you need it.

  • What size generator do I need for my site compound?

    As a rule, each standard site cabin requires 6-8kVA’s worth of power depending on what has been fitted inside the cabin and the time of year.

    Below is a guide to help with what size generator you will need and hour much fuel the generator will consume per hour.

    Number of cabins Generator size required Average fuel consumption per hour
    Up to 3 20kVA 4 Litres
    4 30kVA 5 Litres
    5 40kVA 6 Litres
    6 40kVA 8 Litres
    7 45kVA 9 Litres
    8 60kVA 10 Litres
    9 60kVA 12 Litres
    10 60kVA 14 Litres
    11+ Call  for more information 0844 800 8472 TBC


  • What size generator do I need to power my submersible pump

    There are a number of factors to consider what size generator you may require:

    Motor Starter Types Typical Starting Current
    Direct Online (DOL) 5 x Full Load Current
    Star / Delta 4 x Full Load Current
    Soft Start 3 x Full Load Current
    Variable Speed Drive (VSD) / Invertor 1 x Full Load Current

    Below is a guide to help with what size generator you will need.

    Power Rating (kw) Full Load Current (amps) VSD Generator (kVA) Soft Start Generator (kVA) Star / Delta Generator (kVA) DOL Generator (kVA)
    2.0 4.8 7.5 20 20 20
    3.1 6.8 7.5 20 20 30
    4.2 8.2 10 20 30 45
    5.2 12 15 30 40 50
    7.4 14 15 30 40 75
    8 18 20 40 60 75
    13.5 28 30 60 80 100
    22 43 45 100 125 150
    30 54 75 125 150 200
    37 77 75 200 250 300
    45 93 100 225 300 500
    55 113 100 250 500 500
    125 234 200 500 800 1000



The market leader in ‘Secure Mobile Power’. This revolutionary design set a new benchmark when it was launched in 2004. Looking nothing more than a steel container it has revolutionised the generator hire industry. It offers the user total piece of mind when operating in hostile environments vulnerable to vandalism or theft. Click here to read more about Powerbox

Fuel Management

The correct management of fuel is crucial to ensure the generator can work efficiently. we operate a computerised system which informs staff when the generator on hire requires fuel. We can arrange automatic delivery by four wheel drive tankers or if access to site is difficult, one of our Land Rovers with a built in tank.

All Power-Rite generators can be fitted with the “Gentrax” a GPRS tracking and monitoring system. It enables the customer to remote stop/start, monitor fuel, oil, water levels and has the additional option of intruder alert all via email or text messaging. Most customers have seen a significant reduction in their insurance premiums as the generator can be traced anywhere in the United Kingdom.